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narnia_stills's Journal

Narnia Stillness
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Narnia_Stills is an icontest/icon challenge community that focuses on The Chronicles of Narnia! This challenge will include challenges based on characters, movie scenes, promo shots, maybe even just some of the pretty landscape! And occasionally, there may be an actor challenge thrown in! It's going to be tons of fun, so join!

01. All icons must be made by you
02. You may only submit one icon per challenge *unless otherwise noted*
03. Only use the images provided
04. All icons must meet LJ standards---100X100 max, 40kb max, .png .jpg .gif
05. No animation or blending! Repeating an image is fine, but not using two seperate images to make one icon
06. Please do not post the icon until after voting is over07. Only members may vote
08. All icons submitted are considered open to the public *with credit*

Sunday: New challenge posted *2 challenges per week: 1 pic, 1 base*
Monday - Friday: Submit icons
Wednesday: Mid-week Reminder
Saturday: Voting begins *screened comments*
Sunday: Winners announced, along with a new challenge

URL: http://img404.imageshack.us/img404/651/narniastillsicon4ru.png
Banner: Yes of No


All photos credited to: thephotobox